Class10 (M) ( BSS )

Islamiat Bray-e-Jamaat 9th &10th

Rs.30.00/- Rs.35.00/- -14%

A Textbook of Computer Science for Class X

Rs.55.00/- Rs.60.00/- -8%

Chemistry X

Rs.75.00/- Rs.84.00/- -11%

Pakistan Studies X

Rs.60.00/- Rs.67.00/- -10%

Biology for Classes X

Rs.70.00/- Rs.80.00/- -13%

Physics for Classes X

Rs.85.00/- Rs.94.00/- -10%

Mathematics X

Rs.95.00/- Rs.105.00/- -10%

Urdu Qawaid-o-Insha 9th & 10th

Rs.50.00/- Rs.53.00/- -6%

Urdu Bray-e-Jamaat 10th

Rs.70.00/- Rs.75.00/- -7%

English Grammar and Composition IX-X

Rs.70.00/- Rs.74.00/- -5%

English for Class X

Rs.55.00/- Rs.60.00/- -8%